Viking Scientific is a dedicated team of scientists & innovators focused on improving the lives of patients and the caregivers that love them by working with industry leaders that can make a difference.

Our breakthrough technology is fast becoming a leading platform for the pharmaceutical industry.

Our platform provides a solution for issues related to compliance, toxicity, and cost while improving patient lives through sustained, consistent dosing.

Viking Scientific is a preclinical stage drug delivery company developing next-generation controlled release products that use drugs as building blocks to create biodegradable polymers with customizable properties. Our proprietary hydrogel prodrug platform can transform ordinary drugs into extended release formulations, providing days, weeks, or months of consistent drug release from a single treatment.

Our technology has been validated across a broad range of drug classes, providing sustained release solutions for small molecules, peptides, proteins, and antibodies.


John Dempsey

Chief Executive Officer

John is a former VP at Johnson & Johnson SCG, with over 30 years of pharmaceutical industry and leadership experience. He was managing partner of WayPoint Consulting and President of Raintree Oncology (recently sold).

Gregory Fisher, MBA

Chief Financial Officer

Gregory has spent the past number of years based overseas in various leadership roles that have spanned Finance, Accounting and Operations at a publically-traded tech company. He is a registered CPA (inactive).

Paul Fisher, Ph.D.

Chief Science Officer

Paul is a biomedical engineer specializing in biodegradable polymers and drug delivery. Extensive experience working on FDA-approved in vitro diagnostics systems and clinical-stage DNA delivery systems.

Board of Directors

Frank J Papatheofanis, M.D., Ph.D.


Frank has over 25 years of leadership experience in clinical development and payer reimbursement. Prior to founding and selling The Aequitas Group in 2005, he was the Chief Medical Officer for the commercial launch of LEXISCAN® (Astellas), and he has worked on products for Bard, J&J, Abbott, Boston Scientific, and GE.

Jeffrey Patton, M.D.

Board Member

Jeffrey is a board-certified medical oncologist, national recognized for his extensive clinical trial research, scholarly publications on advancing cancer treatment, and bringing exceptional care to patients’ lives. He is the CEO of Tennessee Oncology, one of the nation’s largest community-based cancer care centers and home to one of the country’s leading clinical trial networks.

Joe DePinto

Board Member

Joe has spent the last 27 years focused on bringing life-savings specialty drugs to market, helping patients with complex diseases to access advanced care, and helping to develop future leaders in the pharmaceutical industry. His experience includes operations globally for multiple biotech and pharma companies. He is currently President at Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions, with tenure including leadership positions at Johnson & Johnson, Lilly, and others.

Glenn Mattes

Board Member

Glen has over 30 years of business leadership in global pharmaceutical and health care general management. His tenure includes serving as the CEO & President of Arno Therapeutics, President of Tivotec, the J&J Operating Company focused on Oncology Therapeutics and Virology, as well as various other executive-level positions. He has extensive experience with start-ups, including founding numerous companies and sitting on the Board of Directors to many others.