SAN MARCOS, Calif. — Viking Scientific, Inc., a leading innovator of drug delivery technologies, today announced that it has named John Dempsey as its Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Dempsey joins Viking Scientific after a long and distinguished career in the pharmaceutical industry, with a strong track record of growth and success in businesses ranging from big-pharma to startup.

“John is able to draw upon experiences at both startups and big-pharma companies, which makes him an ideal fit to help us take our Company from its initial stages to a strong commercial success,” said Gregory Fisher, the Chief Financial Officer of Viking Scientific. “Immediately, he has been able to leverage his experience in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries to help us connect our unique technologies with the correct industry leaders who can apply our drug delivery platform with the appropriate products.”

Most recently, Mr. Dempsey was President of RainTree Oncology Pharmacy Services, which grew from a startup into a major player in the oral oncology sector. He led RainTree through its revenue-growth phase and ultimately helped to sell the company to Cardinal Health in 2016. Prior to his term at RainTree, he retired from Johnson & Johnson in 2011 as the Vice President of the Strategic Customer Group, and member of the Leadership Team for Johnson and Johnson’s North American Pharmaceutical Business. His experiences at J&J spanned Sales, Marketing, Pricing and Strategy, Leadership Development and other areas. Mr. Dempsey has held numerous other roles, including sitting on management boards for other startup companies.

About Viking Scientific

Viking Scientific, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company developing and commercializing an innovative drug delivery technology platform which is compatible with a wide range of both large and small molecule drugs. This proprietary drug delivery platform incorporates existing drugs and improves their results by achieving a consistent linear release pattern, allowing for precise dosage and release kinetics, targeting therapeutic dosages to precise in-vivo sites, and simplifying the manufacturing and administration of the drug. Viking Scientific’s development portfolio is in the R&D stage, with very positive results in multiple investigational drug formulation candidates. Targeted candidate drug formulations in our pipeline include: antibiotics, chemotherapeutics, blood coagulants, anti-inflamatories, anti-virals, anti-neurodegeneratives, pain inhibitors, and others. Collectively, Viking Scientific’s clinical and commercial strategy focuses on identifying existing and developing therapeutic drugs and incorporating them into our drug delivery platform through R&D partnerships and licensing agreements with major biopharmaceutical companies.

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