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At Viking Scientific, we are designing innovative drug delivery systems from the ground up to provide highly controlled and customizable dosing profiles. We believe that issues related to safety, efficacy, compliance, and cost of pharmaceutical therapies can be addressed by providing ideal drug release kinetics from a single treatment.

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Viking Scientific Announces New CEO

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SAN MARCOS, Calif. — Viking Scientific, Inc., a leading innovator of drug delivery technologies, today announced that it has named John Dempsey as its Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Dempsey joins…

A Company with
a Proven Track Record

Viking Scientific has gathered fresh ideas, proven experience and innovative drive on our team. We have a solid combination of talent and experience to achieve our mission goals.

Who We Are

Innovation Around
Controlled Dosing

Viking Scientific is at the forefront of drug delivery, usinges drugs as molecular building blocks to create biodegradable materials. These polymers share many of the benefits of existing platforms, but are able to boast new game changing features.

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A Platform
that Delivers

Viking Scientific is developing numerous formulations to address pressing medical needs. However, our platform is essentially plug-and-play for the wide range of therapeutic agents that are compatible with our chemistry. Bringing revolutionary solution to patients has never been faster.

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